Accessing variables for Perl Include Path

kyleki wrote on Thu Jan  8 19:29:23 CET 2009:
From the EPIC manual, it states that you can use standard eclipse variables
such as ${project_loc} when defining the Perl Include Path for a project.
 What other "standard eclipse variables" are at our disposal?  I can't seem
to find a list anywhere.

Also, is it possible to use environment variables?  If not directly, is
there a way to pass them to eclipse when it's launched through command line
wanda_b_anon wrote on Wed Jan 14 00:53:24 CET 2009:
Eclipse -> Help -> Help Contents -> (browser
 -> Workbench User Guide -> Concepts -> External tools 

External tools

External tools allow you to configure and run programs, batch files, Ant
buildfiles, and others using the Workbench. You can save these external
tool configurations and run them at a later time.

Output from external tools is displayed in the console view.

You can add external tools as part of the build process for a project. These
external tools will run in the specified order every time a project is built.

The following variables are available when you configure an external tool.
These variables are automatically expanded each time the external tool is

    ${workspace_loc} - The absolute path on the system's hard drive to Eclipse's
workspace directory.

    ${workspace_loc:} - The absolute path on the system's
hard drive to the specified resource. The  is the full path
of the resource relative to the workspace root. For example ${workspace_loc:/MyProject/MyFile.txt}.
Note that the expanded result of this variable is not the same as ${workspace_loc}/MyProject/MyFile.txt
if the project's contents directory for MyProject is outside the workspace


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