Adding Perl Nature to project

fgabrielcruz wrote on Wed Jan 26 00:11:54 CET 2005:
I need to understand just what it is that I am adding and why.  I know that
my .project file changes and new data is added but, I am not sure what the
advantage of adding it or not adding is, would you please let me know. 

luelljoc wrote on Wed Jan 26 07:25:13 CET 2005:
Hi Gabe,

the Perl Nature is internally used to indicate that a project is a Perl
This is important for settings and actions that only apply to Perl projects.
For example, the projects INC Path settings should only be available for
Perl projects and not for Java projects.
A Project can have more than one nature associated with it. That makes it
possible to mix e.g. Java and Perl projects.
From the top of my head the Perl nature is important for the following things:
- Project's INC Path settings
- For the debugger (shows only projects with Perl natures in dropdown list)
- Autobuilder

A project containing Perl files should always have a Perl nature asscociated
with it, otherwise not all features might be available.


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