an outline is not available

aniltirola wrote on Mon Oct  6 08:08:53 MEST 2008:
I have eclipse 3.4.0 and epic 0.6.25 on windows xp; when I open a perl-File
the syntax-highlightning works perfect but the outline view doesn't work;
it displays the following text "An outline is not available". I also tried
the stable version with the same result.
jploski wrote on Mon Oct  6 18:46:44 MEST 2008:
Likely, you have another plug-in installed which provides a Perl editor
instead of EPIC. Use "Open With..." to make sure that you open the file
with the EPIC Perl Editor, or edit "File Associations" in "Preferences"
for a permanent solution.
aniltirola wrote on Wed Oct  8 07:24:52 MEST 2008:
now it works;
I made a perl-project and then I added my perl-file to that. Then I see
a really fine outline view.

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