Aptana SFTP File View

kritical wrote on Wed Mar  7 23:25:49 CET 2007:
Hi there,

I'm running the latest version of Eclipse with the Epic and Aptana plugins,

What I am trying to do is use the Aptana File View to directly edit Perl
files remotely via SFTP.

What I did was changed my perspective to 'Perl' Clicked on Window -> Show
View -> Other -> Aptana Views -> File

This brings up the File Browsing window with FTP and SFTP options, I can
browse to my server, double click on a perl file and it opens up in the
perl editor no problem...

Only when I click save it doesn't save the file remotely, it only saves
it to the local file system?

Does anyone know how I could get this to work?

Cheers =)

Paul England 
Auckland, New Zealand 

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