tnicolson wrote on Sat Dec  3 18:04:02 CET 2005:

When pushing arrays on to an array, after some number of iterations, the
new entries appear in the variable window with ...Cut..., with the data
clearly inaccessable.

Any ideas what can cause the above message.  

I'll post some code if necessary. I have tried to isolate the problem, but
unsuccessfully, as the loop in question works on its own!

Am I out of memory? Are my variables out of scope?


tnicolson wrote on Sun Dec  4 18:37:05 CET 2005:

Code appears to be fine, the problem is with Padwalker or the debugger.
 Please would someone try the code below...

use strict;
use warnings;
use Class::Date qw(:errors date localdate gmdate now);  

sub calculateTimeline {
	my $cnt  = 0;

	# Setup timeline variables
	my @timeline = ();
	my $end      = date('now');
	my $start    = $end - '10M';
	my $interval = '7D';
	my $too;

	# initialise first from variable
	my $from = $start;

	# loop over range, creating timeline
	do {
		$too = $from + $interval - '1D';
		push( @timeline, ["BETWEEN $cnt", "AND $cnt"]);
		$from = $too + '1D';
	} while ( $from < $end );
	print "Total = $cnt\n";
	return \@timeline;

my $tref = calculateTimeline();

foreach my $slot (@{$tref})
	print "@{$slot}\n";

At around the 22 iternation, additional elements in the @timeline array
appear with ...cut... proceeding them, and I can't see their value.

However, the print loop at the end shows that the data is very much there.

Thanks in advance,

stephan_ruehl wrote on Sun Dec  4 19:21:55 CET 2005:
Hi Tim,

please delete line 180 ("if( $UnwrapCount > $MaxUnwrapCount) { print buildString("...Cut...");
return;}") in

I will revisit the code and fix it for the next EPIC version ....


keywood wrote on Wed Sep 20 15:28:36 MEST 2006:
When i change the value of $MaxUnwrapCount or delete line 180 the max value
is still 20 and the file is restored after debugging.
Debugging wont work if file is write protected.
jploski wrote on Wed Sep 20 20:33:07 MEST 2006:
With the current version of EPIC, you'd have to modify the file inside of
the org.epic.debug_0.x.y.jar archive found in the $ECLIPSE_HOME/plugins
directory. (You can just unzip the jar file, edit, and zip
it again).
keywood wrote on Thu Sep 21 11:43:12 MEST 2006:
Ok, it works, thx. But with complex data its really slow.
Is a RANGE possible? Consider implementing it in the frontend of variableswindow.
A range for each dimension.

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