Cannot see array variables in debugger.

ermurugesanbe wrote on Thu Aug 23 10:12:41 MEST 2007:
     I am using latest testing version of EPIC, PADWalker 1.5 and Perl 1.5.8.
When i was trying to debug, i am getting error message in side Variable
viewer. Error Msg "An error occurred while dumping array content; contents
of the Variables view may become invalid". but normal variables(non array)
are displaying properly. Can anybody can help me.

My script: 
use strict;
my @old=('10','20','30','40','50','60','70','80','90','100');
my @new;
print "Old = @old\nNew = @new\n";
	push @new,$_; 
print "\nOld = @old\nNew = @new\n";

jploski wrote on Thu Aug 23 18:50:08 MEST 2007:
Your example works ok for me. For further assistance, post the content of
the debugger console (see previous messages about troubleshooting debugger)
and of the error log ($WORKSPACE/.metadata/.log).
websdaleandrew wrote on Sun Apr 13 00:27:11 MEST 2008:
I'm having exactly the same problem.When I switch tabs to breakpoints &
back again, all the $ variables are now displayed but the ARGV array seems
to defeat it (also I've just seen the same error except referring to Local
websdaleandrew wrote on Sun Apr 13 02:21:27 MEST 2008:
I had the same problem - I had installed the Debian gcj version - I removed
it & installed the one from Eclipses site & pointed it at sun java 6 - no

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