Can't find for remote db

peterbrodt wrote on Thu Dec  7 15:07:27 CET 2006:
I can't find the necessary perl script which has to run
on the remote machine for remote debugging.

The user guide says it is included in the ZIP archive.

"Start the script on your remote host (it is included in
the ZIP archive and thus
located in the project directory after extraction). This script starts the
debugger and makes it connect
to the local host."

But using the eclipse update you don't have any zip files on you local machine.
I also searched the archive files under,
without any success.

Can anyone help me where I can find the srcipt?



peterbrodt wrote on Thu Dec  7 17:07:47 CET 2006:
I have found it. I wasn't aware that the script is included in the Debug

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