CGI Debug: Halt only on Breakpoints

hosopit wrote on Wed Aug  6 10:08:59 MEST 2008:

I am using EPIC to debug a monster Perl (>20.000 lines) called via CGI.

Eclipse 3.3.2 and EPIC 0.6.24.

I am happy so far, just two detailed questions:

- how can I manage that the debugger is not halted on every entry into the
perl file but just on breakpoints?
- what is the best way to have perl files without .pl suffix inspected by
the debugger? (e.g. I have *.inc included with perl code)

Thx for any help!
jploski wrote on Sun Aug 10 12:54:38 MEST 2008:
Re your first question: there is an option to prevent the debugger from
stopping at the first line in Window/Preferences/Perl EPIC.

Re your second question: this has been asked a lot in the past, and there
is no completely satisfactory solution (I think). The hints in the following
tracker entry may help you:

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