change value for variable

peterbrodt wrote on Tue Feb  6 12:07:00 CET 2007:

during debugging we would like to change the value of variables. Unfortunately
the option 'Change Value' is visible but not active. What am I doing wrong
or is this option simply not available yet.

We are using eclipse 3.2 with epic perl 0.5.27.

jploski wrote on Tue Feb  6 21:25:27 CET 2007:
The option is not implemented. A possible workaround: open the "Perl Expression
View" and enter the statement which modifies your variable there (e.g. $x
= 123;). Click on the "running man" icon of the view to execute the entered
statement. The variable's value should now be changed, which you should
see it after stepping further.

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