Changing Java 'System Default' Color?

cbro147 wrote on Mon Apr 24 22:56:26 MEST 2006:
I know this probably isn't the best place post this question, but I'm really
at a loss on where to go.  

I'm now running EPIC from a Unix server using the Java VM.

eclipse -vm /opt/java/jre/bin/java -vmargs -Xmx256M &

But, the "System Default" background color is this terrible cyan.  When
I was running EPIC on WinXP, the default was white.  

I've changed the Perl EPIC -> Editor -> Syntax -> Background Color to white.
 However, all other windows (including the column separator between code
lines and the actual code) are still cyan.

I know this must be a Java setting somewhere.  But, I can't seem to Google
an answer.  

I really would like to change the Java System Default color.  Can any kind
soul point me in the right direction?
jploski wrote on Tue Apr 25 08:07:36 MEST 2006:
You did not mention which widget toolkit version of Eclipse you are using
(Motif or GTK?) Settings such as the widgets' default background colour
are influenced by the widget toolkit's configuration (for GTK, ~/.gtkrc-2.0).
They are not specific to Java.
cbro147 wrote on Tue Apr 25 14:11:07 MEST 2006:
Sorry, I am running the HP-UX (HP9000/Motif) version.  So, I assume GTK
settings do not play a role.
cbro147 wrote on Tue Apr 25 15:43:48 MEST 2006:
Thank you Jan.  After your post, I started searching for Motif settings.
 Eventually my searches led me to the answer.

For setting Eclipse color schemes on HPUX systems, here's the full info:

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