Changing keyword match highlighing color

dwballance wrote on Mon Jan 29 20:28:38 CET 2007:
I cannot figure out where I set the background color on the automatic keyword
highlighing (you know, place cursor on a $var and it highlights all instances
in the document). In fact, I'm not even sure what Eclipse calls this feature,
so I'm having a hard time searching for documentation on it. Can someone
enlighten me on either issue?


jploski wrote on Mon Jan 29 20:43:24 CET 2007:
The feature is called "Mark Occurrences". Unfortunately, the color is sort
of hard-coded (in EPIC and in Eclipse JDT as well, I think). You can change
it by unzipping org.epic.perleditor_0.5.22.jar, editing the plugin.xml file
(look for the line with colorPreferenceValue="255,248,147"), and zipping
it again.
jgangemi wrote on Mon Jan 29 20:46:34 CET 2007:
actually - it is available under the preferences menu here:

general > editors > text editors > annotations
dwballance wrote on Tue Jan 30 02:01:49 CET 2007:
Thank you, I confirmed that the Annotations location does override the hardcoded
value -- that's exactly what I was looking for!


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