Changing Variable Values

jrsade wrote on Thu Oct 11 09:43:06 MEST 2007:
Have a simple question.

How can I change variable values when debugging.

I am using Perl Expression View.

If I type "$a=5;" it says "
jploski wrote on Fri Oct 12 21:50:20 MEST 2007:
The Variables view does not refresh after executing commands in Perl Expression
view. A variable's value is nevertheless changed correctly (at least in
my tests). You should see the updated value after a step. 
jrsade wrote on Thu Oct 18 10:22:57 MEST 2007:
Seeing it after a step can be too late!
jploski wrote on Thu Oct 18 20:19:23 MEST 2007:
I agree, the Variables view should be refreshed after executing anything
in the Perl Expression view (at least - refresh the expanded variables).
Feel free to add a feature request along these lines. Until this is implemented
you can still use "print" in the expression view explicitly.

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