code completion not working in many situation

levchenko wrote on Fri Sep 26 15:39:33 MEST 2008:

Just installed epic in eclipse 3.4. install went fine, but for example,
when i type in use Data:: and call autocompletion, i do not get anything....

it also does not work for method completion.

my $dbh = DBI->connect ("blablabla");

$dbh-> no autocompletion. error message raises: "Content Assist" did not
complete normally.  Please see the log for more information.
org.eclipse.ui.ide.FileStoreEditorInput cannot be cast to org.eclipse.ui.IFileEditorInput

used epic testing...

maybe i should try the 5.x branch?
jploski wrote on Fri Sep 26 19:30:11 MEST 2008:
I think the problem occurs because the file you are editing is not located
within the workspace. Try editing the file as part of a Perl project.
levchenko wrote on Mon Sep 29 13:38:38 MEST 2008:
is there any way to bypass this thing??

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