Code folding and bracket matching after #

rzkqlt wrote on Fri Oct 15 15:19:29 MEST 2004:

I have a piece of code like this:

if ( (!($line =~ /^#/)) && ($line ne "") ) {
  # some code
} # end if

This should exclude lines in a file that are commented with '#'.
Unfortunately the opening curly bracket at the end of the first line is
not recognized while code folding or bracket matching highlighting because
of the '#' in the pattern matching.
Is there a workaround to fix it?

leo_forge wrote on Tue Oct 19 17:28:11 MEST 2004:
Make a bug out of it. But simply is due to missing reg-exp!

i.e. reg-exp are NOT handled up till noW => make a RFE or Bug

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