Code/POD Folding

robert-kuropkat wrote on Mon Dec 13 21:46:17 CET 2004:
Is this the right forum to make comments on the testing branch?  If so...

I have a couple comments/questions/suggestions on the Code/POD Folding.

1.  Expand/Collapse All option would be nice

2.  =pod tag is not folded.  This is particularly noticable in one section
of POD where I do not have an -headx tag.  Instead, I have =pod, =over,
=item..., =back, =cut.  This is a valid POD segment but does not fold because
I did not use an =head tag which is what the folding seems to key on at
the moment.

3.  POD within subroutines.  I have POD within some of the longer or less
obvious subroutines (most likely a problem on it's own :-) ).  Right now
I can only fold/unfold the entire subroutine.  It would be nice if I could
chose to unfold the subroutine but still fold/unfold the inner comments

4.  Curiously, code folding subroutines is not triggered unless you have
some POD in your program.  A program with subroutines, but no POD does not
enable code folding.  Not sure if that is feature or flaw...

Robert Kuropkat

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