config for ecplipse web server for perl cgis

maqsoum wrote on Mon Feb 11 17:09:35 CET 2008:
 I have a cgi that takes a long time to generate,

 I think that brazil is timing out on it, is there
(I'm getting :  LOG: 3 5008- Error: 408 Request Time-out: Read
timed out)
a way to set the timout value. Where are the configs for brazil ?


jploski wrote on Mon Feb 11 20:32:04 CET 2008:
I don't know whether there is a way to set the timeout for brazil. The (template
used to create the) config file is contained in org.epic.debug_.jar
(brazil_cgi_templ.cfg). But I see nothing timeout-related in there. I had
the impression that these timeout messages were pretty harmless (i.e. I
was seeing them, but everything worked as it should for me).
maqsoum wrote on Mon Feb 11 22:12:25 CET 2008:
 It turns out that the timeout is not really a problem,
I was getting another problem occuring at the same time
as the time out.
 Out of curiosity, is the brazil launched by eclipse or by epic ? 
If it is epic, I would suggest using Jetty (,
a minimalist lightweight server very well suited for embeded scenarios.

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