content assist on local modules

mykbaker wrote on Thu Jun  1 01:21:05 MEST 2006:
I have included the path to the module in @INC and through a use lib command,
but when I create a new object and then try $test-> I don't get anything.
Does EPIC support local modules?
jploski wrote on Thu Jun  1 08:20:58 MEST 2006:
I just did a little test. It seems that 'use lib' alone is not sufficient
for content assist. You have to add the path to the include path in project

Note that content assist will not work for some modules because they create
subroutines on the fly (these are the same modules for which Outline does
not work either). Content assist for objects may only work if you create
them with xxx->new, not with new xxx (this is mentioned in the user's guide).
It is generally flaky anyway because EPIC does not attempt type inference
based on data flow analysis. It simply relies on recognizing text patterns
in the source file.

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