content assist: restricted package name?

jimcan wrote on Thu Jan 10 21:08:40 CET 2008:

I have some perl modules that have package names that contain underscores
and numbers. Modules with these characters seem to break the content assist.
I tested this with the following code:

$t1 = Macros::mytest;
$t2 = Macros::my2test;
$t3 = Macros::my_test;

When I type $t1-> I get a list of available functions but when I do the
same with $t2 and $t3 I don't see anything. Is this a bug? If so, is it
a known issue?
jploski wrote on Fri Jan 11 10:34:05 CET 2008:
A previously unknown bug, but fixed in 0.5.42/0.6.18.
jimcan wrote on Fri Jan 11 16:26:38 CET 2008:
Great, looks like it's working in 0.6.18. Thanks!!

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