Contributions to EPIC

jimbojones2000 wrote on Mon Jun 23 21:34:24 MEST 2008:

  What is the best way to contribute a code patch to EPIC? I have modified
the New Project Wizard to optionally use Module::Starter to pre-populate
the project. Should I email a patch to someone for review?

  Also, I've reviewed the developer guidelines, but they stop at Chapter
3. For coding conventions and Java formatting, can the main developers export
the  Java -> Code Style -> Formatter preferences and put them in CVS so
we can format the code the same way to prevent trivial merge differences?

 Thanks, Jim
jploski wrote on Mon Jun 23 21:46:02 MEST 2008:
I think it's best if you upload it to the Patches tracker here on

I added a file org.epic.perleditor/epic-java-formatter-profile.xml to CVS
HEAD which you can import to apply the preferred formatting style (more
or less).
jimbojones2000 wrote on Mon Jun 23 21:58:52 MEST 2008:

  I will format my code and then upload it.

  - Jim
jimbojones2000 wrote on Tue Jun 24 17:04:00 MEST 2008:

  Thanks for the help. I've uploaded a patch as:

  Regards, Jim
jimbojones2000 wrote on Fri Jul  4 06:04:48 MEST 2008:
Is there a discussion group or IRC node for EPIC developers? I have some
basic questions about adding functionality to EPIC. This is not really "Help"
or "Open Discussion", more along the lines of how the code is structured
(and one or two Eclipse plugin questions).

Thanks, Jim

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