Creating Objects

revoglmaier wrote on Fri Sep 16 14:42:48 MEST 2005:
In Perl is more than one method to create a new object:
my $S = new Server();
my $S = Server::new();
Using the second form I can choose from a list of methods defined in the class as soon as I type: $S-
However running it in Eclipse I get an error message
Using the first form it works, but the method completion does not any more.
Something I did wrong ?
Thx a lot
perlguy67 wrote on Tue Sep 20 15:39:00 MEST 2005:

Take a look in the EIPC user's guide. Pages 25 and 26 mention some of the
"code assist" issues. 

This is a great area for someone to get involved and make things work better!


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