cross reference feature

psimonov wrote on Mon May 19 13:38:03 MEST 2008:
Is there any plan for implementing such a feature??? I have massive "legacy
code" that I did not wrote, but have to maintain... Such a feature could
be of great help in my case... 
jploski wrote on Mon May 19 20:42:55 MEST 2008:
Not in the near future. Cross-referencing Perl code is very tricky in general.
psimonov wrote on Tue May 20 09:44:10 MEST 2008:
Actually - I fownd one perl module - that do it - but it is integrated into
emacs... And - I am not emacs frick... But principally - as much as I understand
- such functionality is implemented already by some Guy... Question is -
how difficalt it is to inegrate to E-P-I-C
jploski wrote on Tue May 20 18:58:23 MEST 2008:
A bit vague, aren't you?
psimonov wrote on Wed May 21 08:04:55 MEST 2008:
I spoke about :
I succeed to run it with one of my small projects... But - since - I am
not emacs freak - it does not help me too much...
jacktanner wrote on Tue Jun  3 19:35:19 MEST 2008:
I just came across B::Xref
, which seems to be relevant.

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