Debug CGI: default server? log location?

davidwpowell wrote on Mon Nov 29 04:32:50 CET 2004:
1. Configurations are available for running "Perl CGI " or "Perl Local"
(via menu sequence Run>Run).  I understand I should choose "Perl CGI" to
test with a web server.  Is a web server supplied by default with the package?
 The doc is not clear on this.

2. I believe the web server "Mini Java CgiHandler 0.2" is bundled with the
package, and will run if no web server is specified in the Perl CGI configuration.
(Amongst many environment variables reported in the console after Running
debug, I see 
"SERVER_SOFTWARE=Mini Java CgiHandler 0.2".)
If so, I trust the next questions are on-topic.
After a complete listing of environment variables, I see the console message
"Error 500: CGI failure: null".  To me, this means the server has successfully
started and received my start HTML file, but has issued this response, presumably
because my input is bad HTTP/HTML.  Is this so?  Is there a server log or
other diagnostic I can consult for further clues?

[Components:  Eclipse 3.0.1;,
- which apparently includes EPIC Debug Plugin 0.2.0, ActiveState ActivePerl
5.6.1(.638), Windows 2000).]
davidwpowell wrote on Mon Nov 29 07:59:14 CET 2004:
To answer question 1: seems the CGI handler is provided.
The failure to run was due to an apparent bug in reading the path string
set up for the location of Perl.exe (running Windows 2000).
You set up this location under menu Window>Preferences>Perl EPIC, textbox:
"Perl executable".  If you locate the file using the browse button provided,
it will be expressed in standard MS-DOS format (backslash delimiters).
This works in some contexts (e.g., locating some PerlDoc) but not for the
CGI server.
Console shows similar to following:
LOG: 5 5021- cgi. command= C:Perlbinperl.exe
A workaround is to double-up the backslashes in the Preferences setting
- i.e., 'escape' them.  Not sure how/whether this impacts other functionsw.
 Nor if forwardslash works better.
I now have the problem reported by correspondent: "Error: 408 Request Time-out:
Read timed out".

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