Debug Mode, Variable view not populated

amfam81 wrote on Fri Aug 29 22:51:11 MEST 2008:
I'm new to EPIC and Eclipse and I am sure this is a configuration issue
on my part but I can not find it.  

When I am in debug mode, the variable view is not populated.  When I click
the down arrow menu within that view, my choices are "Layout", "Java" and
the Perl choices of "Highlight Updated Variables", "Show Addresses of Variables",
"Show Perl Internal Variables", "Show Global Variables", "Show Local Variables"
are all grayed out.

Can anyone suggest how to activate those options?
Thanks in advance,
jploski wrote on Fri Aug 29 23:04:19 MEST 2008:
Have you launched the script in the debugger? The options are supposed to
become enabled after the debugger plugin has been activated (happens the
first time you run your script).
amfam81 wrote on Fri Aug 29 23:27:54 MEST 2008:
Ahhh...that did the trick.
Thank you.

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