Debug Problem: Cannot chdir to

srzc wrote on Thu Jul  5 15:07:55 MEST 2007:

I have trouble getting the debbuger to run. It keeps saying:

Cannot chdir to S:/srzc_entwicklung/epic_debug/ such file
or directory at S:/Programme/eclipse-platform-3.2.2-win32/workspace/.metadata/.plugins/org.epic.debug/
line 65
Compilation failed in require at S:/Programme/eclipse-platform-3.2.2-win32/workspace/.metadata/.plugins/org.epic.debug/
line 1576.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at S:/Programme/eclipse-platform-3.2.2-win32/workspace/.metadata/.plugins/org.epic.debug/
line 1576.
Compilation failed in require.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted.

Eclipse: Ver 3.2.0 
EPIC: Ver 0.6.11
ActiveState Perl: Ver 5.6.1 Build 635 
PadWalker Module: Ver 0.10 
Platform Windows XP SP2

I tried several perls I wrote. Even a simple "hello world" app generates
this problem.

Does anyone know this problem and a possible solution?

jploski wrote on Thu Jul  5 19:17:33 MEST 2007:
Run the following script (without the debugger):

use strict;
use warnings;

use Cwd 'abs_path';

print abs_path('S:/srzc_entwicklung/epic_debug/')."\n";

And post the output.
srzc wrote on Fri Jul  6 08:21:37 MEST 2007:
Hi jploski, thanks for your reply.

I ran your script (without the debugger) and it prints:

Cannot chdir to S:/srzc_entwicklung/epic_debug/ such file
or directory at S:/srzc_entwicklung/epic_debug/ line 6

The file S:/srzc_entwicklung/epic_debug/ exists.

Without the filename in line
print abs_path('S:/srzc_entwicklung/epic_debug/')."\n";
it prints

I ran your script again with ActiveState Perl 5.8.8 Build 817 and then it
This seems to be a problem calling abs_path with an absolute filename as
argument in ActiveState Perl 5.6.1 Build 635. 

The trouble is that I need Perl 5.6 because 5.8 is still not installed/available
on some machines in the field. Maybe there is a solution to get it running
with Perl 5.6

jploski wrote on Fri Jul  6 20:50:25 MEST 2007:
I'm afraid that you will run into further problems with Perl 5.6 and EPIC...

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