debugger doesn't

perldvl wrote on Wed Jan 10 10:54:24 CET 2007:
Hi all

i'm using eclipse 3.2.1, epic debug plug-in 0.5.17 and perl v5.8.8 on a
windows xp machine.

be able to set breakpoints, the debugger does not stop.

is this a common problem or does this problem belong to my personal configuration,

best regards
jploski wrote on Wed Jan 10 12:57:43 CET 2007:
Upgrade to the latest version (0.5.29) and see if it works.
thx123 wrote on Fri Jun 27 00:30:07 MEST 2008:
I have exactly the same problem (epic skipping breakpoints in called modules
in other files). After adding "/test" postfix to the EPIC update URL and
upgrade to the most recent test version 0.6.24, the problem went away. Now
I can call it a workable debugger!

Is there any plan to implement "run till current line" feature in future
EPIC releases? That'd be very nice.
uhugenschmidt wrote on Thu Jan 11 23:01:40 CET 2007:

I use Eclipse 3.2.1 and Epic 0.5.29, java 5.10 on winxp

I have a debugger related complaint

the  debugger does not stop on breakpoints that I have set on other modules,
than the main .pl.
E.g. debug uses
the debugger does not stop at a breakpoint in

the workspace navigator shows under the epic-links. lives
in the perl installation tree and not in the directory associcated with
the workspace. is set readonly.

Many thanks for the conditional breakpoints.


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