Debugger fails

slashmais wrote on Wed Oct  3 14:02:25 MEST 2007:
My installs:-----
Eclipse SDK, Version: 3.2.1, Build id: M20060921-0945 (Ubuntu version: 3.2.1-0ubuntu3)
EPIC Update Site 0.6.13

1. Can create and run (not debug) a simple perl-project.

2. I made no changes to the default (installed) settings.

3. When I try to debug I get the following msg:
"Can't locate ~/perledit/Devel/ ..(followed by @INC-stuff).. "

4. Can NOT include external perl files - get some "internal error" - msg.


jploski wrote on Wed Oct  3 20:55:49 MEST 2007:
Likely, this has nothing to do with EPIC. Possibly the "PerlEdit" thing
did something terrible to your Perl installation... What does your @INC
look like when output by a simple script? Are you using a normal 'perl'
binary or some wrapper around it?
slashmais wrote on Thu Oct  4 09:23:47 MEST 2007:
I also think it's got nothing to do with EPIC.

perl -v gives: "This is perl, v5.8.8 built for i486-linux-gnu-thread-multi"
and is still OK - I am doing extensive dev & all still works ...

I also use bioperl which adds libraries and also changes:

The eclipse/epic-install changed PERL5DB env-variable to:
PERL5DB=BEGIN {require '~/perledit/Devel/'}
The file 'pride*' does not exist on my machine.

It was: PERL5DB="BEGIN {require ''}"
I changed it back to this, & now it's complaining about not finding a DB::DB-routine

@INC is same as it was before I did the installs of eclipse & EPIC.

jploski wrote on Thu Oct  4 21:29:00 MEST 2007:
The thing definitely does not come from EPIC.

Remove the variable PERL5DB from the environment altogether and see if it

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