Debugger IP address

btrey wrote on Sat Jul 29 18:59:45 MEST 2006:
Running Eclipse 3.0.2 under Gentoo Linux.  When I start the perl debugger,
I get the following error:

Unable to connect to remote host:
Compilation failed in require.

The problem is that isn't my IP.  I reconfigured my network
and now my local IP is  Epic or Eclipse evidently has the
old value cached somewhere, but I can't find it anywhere in the preferences.
 I've even rebooted my machine and that still doesn't fix it.  Anyone know
where this value is stored?
jploski wrote on Sat Jul 29 22:53:27 MEST 2006:
I doubt it has to do with EPIC or Eclipse - there is no caching going on
there. Check your /etc/hosts file, run /sbin/ifconfig, check your DNS.
jploski wrote on Sat Jul 29 22:54:09 MEST 2006:
Also note that the most current version of EPIC (epic-devel) requires Eclipse

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