Debugger not working at all

idrinks wrote on Tue Apr  4 03:33:31 MEST 2006:
I have been trying to get the debugger working with eclipse 3.1.  I have
installed epic 3.0.12 with activestate perl 5.6,  I have install padwalker
that activestate provided.  When I try to use the debugger it just locks
up and nothing happens.  I receive no error messages.  Do the debugger even
work on windows xp professional.  I have even had my father install this
on his machine and he is having the same problem.  If anyone could please
help me I would appreciate it.   
jploski wrote on Tue Apr  4 07:59:51 MEST 2006:
There is a bug concerning the missing %SYSTEMROOT% environment variable
(see another thread), even though it seems to be only affecting CGI debugging
under Windows.

Anyway, you may wish to try this unofficial version:

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