Debugger parsing failure

mderouss wrote on Thu Mar 15 14:48:25 CET 2007:
Hi folk,

I'm new to Perl and Eclipse, but I know what I need - an IDE that will help
me out when creating stuff in a language I barely know :). I'm using ActivePerl
on an XP PC. 

So, in a spirit of adventure, I've been trying to step through a Perl 'HelloWorld'
script. To be precise, the Perl HelloWorld script that comes with the OpenPerl
IDE. The script seems to *run* just fine from the command line, and also
from within Eclipse/EPIC.

However, when we Debug, and attempt to step line 29 :

$testarray[3] = \@testarray;

I get :

Error Parsing Debugger Variables
  +++++++Error Parsing Vars++++++
  +++++++Error Parsing Vars++++++

Is this a problem I can do anything about ( assuming I'm not going to hack
up my own parser - please !:) ) ?

Mark de Roussier

jploski wrote on Thu Mar 15 20:16:14 CET 2007:
Please upgrade to EPIC 0.5.31 (the current 'testing' version). It has several
important bug fixes related to the debugger.

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