Does Quick Reference work?

tlemons wrote on Sat Feb  5 01:02:23 CET 2005:

Does Quick Reference work?  I read p.24 of the manual several times: "select
a keyword and move the mouse pointer over the selection.  A tooltip with
a short description of the keyword should appear".  Hm.  Not for me.  By
'select', I'm assuming that if I double-click on a keyword, that should
'select' it.  True?

leo_forge wrote on Mon Feb  7 16:26:33 CET 2005:
Right, try 

print "Hello World";

Double Click 'print' and move the mouse cursor over it, remain little and
then you'll see the QuickReference.
tlemons wrote on Mon Feb  7 16:44:45 CET 2005:
Ah, thanks.  That does work; the trick is to leave double-click, and then
wait at least a second fo the QuickReference to appear.

But, the feature only seems to work from some verbs.  For instance, in the
same program, QuickReference works for 'open' and 'print', but not for 'foreach'
and 'while'.  Hm.  Only the words Epic shows in red seem to have QuickReference.
What's up with that?

Also, does Epic support command completion (as I've used with our IDE tools)?

leo_forge wrote on Tue Feb  8 12:27:30 CET 2005:
Colur 'red' is tricky, cause it's your own settings. Better would be to
have which Syntax-Words are highlighted, e.g. LITERAL1, KEYWORD1, etc. (in

Both obviously not implemented. But feel free to open a RFE and then lets
see, what will happen.

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