Does the Debugger work

tlemons wrote on Sat Feb  5 00:11:57 CET 2005:

I've read numerous recent messages about the Debugger.

1. Does the Debugger work?

I read on p.11 of the "EPIC User's Guide" the few tipas on setting up the
debugger.  I did copy the correct PadWalker Perl module, and put it in the
correct place. That's the second step.  But the instructions list a first
step:  "Define the Perl interpreter to use".  Huh?  What does that mean?
 I'm an Eclipse newbie, and this doesn't ring a bell to me.

tlemons wrote on Sat Feb  5 00:43:59 CET 2005:
Yes, it does work, and seems to work well.  My problem was that I hadn't
set up a run configuration.  This is described on pp.34-35 of the "EPIC
User's Guide".

joebrien1111 wrote on Thu Mar  3 17:33:38 CET 2005:
Doesn't work for me on mac osx.  I still get can't find debugger variables.
 I have padwalker moduule installed.

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