editor bug with => ?

johnruin wrote on Fri Nov 16 18:46:05 CET 2007:

I'm too much of a newb to know if this is a bug but it kind of looks that
way.  I've got a statement that doesn't fit on one line.   The line ends

HTML::Template->new(filename => $thefile, global_var => 1, die_on_bad_params

and then the next line is:
   => 0);

When the file is loaded, everything from the "=> 0);" line on is displayed
as a comment.   When I put the =>0); at the end of the first line the comment
highlighting goes away.  Breaking the line into two pieces again doesn't
cause the comment to be displayed (unless the file is saved, closed and

I looked in the bug list but didn't find one like this.   What do you think,

EPIC Perl Editor Plug-In 0.6.10
jacktanner wrote on Fri Nov 16 21:08:02 CET 2007:
There are several syntax-highlighting bugs in EPIC. For example, see 1732119,
1755438, 1792007, 1803001 ... 

Jan, where in SVN is the Perl parsing lexxer / grammar? How easy/modular
is it to modify this?
jploski wrote on Fri Nov 16 21:29:52 CET 2007:
The "parsing lexer" (which indeed sounds like an appropriate term for what
we have) is in org.epic.core.parser in the org.epic.perleditor plug-in.
Perl doesn't have a formally specified grammar (beyond the Perl interpreter's
own source code, which is hard to understand and not directly reusable for
the purpose of syntax highlighting). The ANTLR-based parser in EPIC relies
on some rather simple heuristics. Fixing one syntax hl bug sometimes introduces
another, in which case the "lesser evil" has to be chosen (or a radical
redesign). There is a regression test suite in org.epic.perleditor-test
(syntax.pl) which accumulates known fixed syntax highlighting bugs, so if
you change anything, make sure the regression tests still run.
jploski wrote on Fri Nov 16 21:52:48 CET 2007:
Yes, this is a bug. It will be fixed in the next release:


Meanwhile, you can work around it by putting a space before the =>.
johnruin wrote on Fri Nov 16 22:10:30 CET 2007:
Thanks guys.   I guess my 'find if the bug is the db' techniques need to
be improved.   Not a huge deal at all though - just wanted to make sure
it was reported.   
jploski wrote on Fri Nov 16 22:30:41 CET 2007:
You're doing fine :-) I posted the bug report after reading your message
here. You are also welcome to post a bug report directly for something as
obviously wrong as this one.

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