environmental variables

anonwb wrote on Thu Aug 17 22:25:47 MEST 2006:
To test a module that uses LWP, I want to have 

$ENV{'http_proxy'}='proxy.location.com/80' ;

as already set in the environment outside EPIC/Eclipse.  How do I set it
workspace-wide or project-wide in EPIC, or get it imported from the outside?
 Is it  available in the debugger environment, though not in the run environment?

Thanks for any pointers.
jgangemi wrote on Thu Aug 17 22:56:16 MEST 2006:
environment variable should automatically be available to eclipse in general.

what operating system are you using? 
jploski wrote on Sun Aug 20 20:53:53 MEST 2006:
There is currently no way to set environment variables for normal ("Perl
Local") run configurations (though it would be probably a good idea). Currently,
setting environment variables is only available for CGI run configurations.
Local run configurations inherit environment from Eclipse, which inherits
from the shell.
jgangemi wrote on Sun Aug 20 21:02:28 MEST 2006:
as long as it inherits from the shell, a temporary work around could be
to export those variables globally in the shell.
andrewmcnnz wrote on Tue Oct  3 15:22:11 MEST 2006:
I'd really appreciate being able to set environment variables on a per-project
basis, particularly to get at the PERL5LIBS variable.  I'm working on stuff
that gets run in a mod-perl environment where the PERL5LIBS variable is
expected to be inherited from apache.  As it is, all my files generate spurious
errors and warnings because the include libraries can't be found.
jploski wrote on Tue Oct  3 16:15:04 MEST 2006:
If the include libraries can't be found, why not just add the needed directories
to the Include Path in Project Properties?
jploski wrote on Sat Oct  7 18:36:21 MEST 2006:
EPIC 0.5.13 uses the standard Environment tab, so setting variables for
local scripts is possible from now on:


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