EPIC 0.3.10 and Eclipse 3.1M7

adalbert2 wrote on Fri May 20 17:07:55 MEST 2005:
Does anyone have tried to install and use the most recent EPIC (0.3.10)
in Eclipse 3.1M7?

I installed the plugin but the editor does not work. Whenever I double click
on a Perl file a popup window:

An error has occurred. See error log for more details.

In the .log file I find a 

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: cbg/editor/ColoringSourceViewerConfiguration

message. In the preferences for Perl EPIC the subsections "Editor" and "Templates"
generate the same error when being selected.

I do not really understand the problem because the missing class seems to
exist in the file editor.jar which is contained in the file org.epic.ext.cbg.editor_0.3.1.jar.

Any hints would be welcome!


leo_forge wrote on Mon May 23 11:17:40 MEST 2005:
It works fine on my M7. I guess this is some well known problem of missing
jar. I don't know what the final resolution was resp. where the root of
the Error could be found. But I guess some people solved it by deleting
and again install. Don't know if this helps, but on my machine it works
adalbert2 wrote on Mon May 23 15:55:09 MEST 2005:
Hmm, my installation directory structure is as follows:


In the above mentioned directory ../eclipse there is a sub-directory "links":


The file ".link.EPIC" has these contents:




The EPIC data is stored. Among these data there is a file


This .jar files contains (among other data) the file "editor.jar".

And this file ("editor.jar") contains the classfile of the class 


Do you see any failure in the file/directory structure?

Thanks in advance,

dacypher wrote on Wed May 25 21:14:37 MEST 2005:
I ran into this too.  The jars that are on the EPIC update site can't be
installed by just dropping them in the plugins directory (this seems to
be what causes the problem, as that's how I how tried to install it since
M7 now supports jared plugins).  I was able to successfully install and
use EPIC using the update site via Help | Software Updates in Eclipse. 
Ultimately, I think Eclipse extracts the jars into their own directories
in the plugin directory.  You might want to try extracting each EPIC jar
into its own directory and putting those directories in the plugin directory
and see what happens (if you really want to avoid using the software updates
feature built into Eclipse).
adalbert2 wrote on Tue May 31 19:10:32 MEST 2005:
I added the URL http://e-p-i-c.sf.net/updates/testing as a new update site
and then tried to install EPIC from there but I got a popup window with
the message:

No features found on the selected site(s). Choose a different site or site
category. What am I doing wrong?


tlemons wrote on Tue May 31 19:32:53 MEST 2005:
Hi Adalbert

I just removed EPIC from my Eclipse environment, then added it back.  I
used Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install ... -> Search for new
features to install.   I clicked on 'New Remote Site...', and added http://e-p-i-c.sf.net/updates/testing
as the 'URL' value in the 'New Update Site' dialog box.  I clicked OK to
that box, and then Next in the Install dialog box.  It all just worked.

You might want to try removing EPIC, and re-applying it.

Hope this helps.
dacypher wrote on Mon Jun  6 18:09:21 MEST 2005:
I keep running across an issue where after I check a file into CVS and I
try to modify that file without closing it, I get an error message that
says: "Save could not be completed.  Reason: Has been changed on the file
system."  I don't remember seeing this in earlier versions of Eclipse, so
I'm not sure if it is an incompatibility with EPIC or a bug introduced recently
in Eclipse (though, I haven't noticed this issue with other editors, such
as the C++ one from CDT).

By the way, I am now running Eclipse 3.1RC1.

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