EPIC 0.5.33 "Perl Include Path" not working?

jfroebe wrote on Wed Apr 11 19:31:24 MEST 2007:
Eclipse 3.2 on Windows.

No matter what I put in the "Perl Include Path", I still receive the nice
little red X on any of my modules that I include in the project.  Note that
the modules are actually part of the project.

Right click on project -> Properties -> Perl Include Path

question #1: does "Perl Include Path" actually do any anything?
question #2: if not, how do I disable the X's?


jploski wrote on Wed Apr 11 19:38:58 MEST 2007:
Answer #1: I certainly hope so :-)
Answer #2: perhaps you should try Project / Clean... after updating your
include path (reopening individual files should also work, as it causes
them to be revalidated).

If you still have problems, elaborate on your project's structure (location
on disk, relative file locations etc.) and what you entered exactly in the
include path dialog.
jfroebe wrote on Wed Apr 11 19:55:01 MEST 2007:
Thanks Jan!  Unfortunately the Project / Clean didn't help - neither did
opening the files individually.

What is currently in my "Perl Include Path":
"C:\Documents and Settings\JFroebe\workspace\test project\lib"

There are two perl modules in this directory with no other files in the
test1.pm test2.pm

package test1;

package test2;

use test1;

The red X shows up on "use test1;".

I'm using Active State Perl 5.8.8.
jfroebe wrote on Wed Apr 11 19:59:20 MEST 2007:
more odd information.  If I create two more Perl modules 

package test3;
use test2;

package test4;
use test 1;

Neither one of them have the red X.  hmmm... 
jfroebe wrote on Wed Apr 11 20:04:18 MEST 2007:
Found the problem.  There is a delay that appears to happen during the resolution
of the perl modules.  In this case test2.pm took about 10 minutes.  I don't
see anything in the EPIC source code that would explain it - my thinking
is that the delay was coming from the active state perl itself.

thanks for the help Jan! :)

jploski wrote on Wed Apr 11 20:08:19 MEST 2007:
Ten minutes sounds unbelievable... I think it will remain an unsolved mystery
forever (or at least until next time you encounter this problem).
jgangemi wrote on Wed Apr 11 20:22:02 MEST 2007:
i notice this sometimes too - if a forcing of 'validate syntax' doesn't
work, i usually just resort to using the 'clear all epic markers' menu option,
and then the red x is no more. :)
jploski wrote on Wed Apr 11 20:04:09 MEST 2007:
Can you perform a few small tests (not necessarily in the following order):

1) Instead of entering a full path in the include path dialog, just enter
"lib" there. Do Project/Clean.

2) Write a script with

foreach $i(@INC) { print "$i\n"; }

Run this script, see what comes out

3) Replace \ with / in the entered path, do Project/Clean.

4) Move your workspace and project to a path which does not include whitespace
(this should not be an issue, but a single test is worth a thousand assumptions)

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