EPIC 0,6.1 editor

jontte75 wrote on Fri Apr 27 10:47:44 MEST 2007:
Is there any way to make EPIC editor to recognize a perl-script as perl
script, if file cannot end with .pl? Many other editors seams to recognize
the line:

There are some cases when making e.g. command line scripts, look more "nice"
without trailing .pl
jploski wrote on Fri Apr 27 20:22:49 MEST 2007:
There is (still) no way to do it, due to shortcomings in Eclipse that have
not been addressed in over 3 (!) years. See http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1256145&group_id=75859&atid=545277
jontte75 wrote on Mon Apr 30 06:37:54 MEST 2007:
OK and thanx' for quick answer! Doesn't seam to be very urgent matter for
eclipse :-(
Well, have to continue using the style "code&rename" :-)
kaymcfly wrote on Mon Apr 30 16:58:16 MEST 2007:
Hi jontte,

perhaps it can help you:

We use Eclipse and haev the same problem like you. Any day I haved connected
a file as a link. The file was called jwdprint and was a perl printing program.
I have tried >> jwdprint.pl << for the link's name - and it works. 


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