EPIC Crashing on Linux

billbell52 wrote on Tue Feb  6 20:53:56 CET 2007:
Eclipse Version: 3.2.1 Build id: M20060921-0945 (Latest updates)
EPIC Version - Latest update Editor 0.4.23 (Latest updates)
On a PC VNC'ed to a RH Linux 32 
Perl 5.8.8

I will be editing a file and everything is fine then I will select some
text or perform some other editing function and Eclipse/EPIC instantaneously
crashes my entire Linux session.   The VNC session terminates, all the terminal
sessions are killed and the KDE desktop is restarted.  I will restart everything
and I will try to redo the exact same editing I was doing when it crashed
and it will crash again.  There are no log files or any other information
I can find.  This happens on numerous perl files so it does appear to be
specific to any one thing that I can determine.  I have tried numerous different
things to track it down but no luck on anyone of them.  There is nothing
obvious about the text.  Sometimes there is an error in the text.

I do not see this behavior on the PC.  Right now I am doing most of the
edits and some debug on the PC and then moving to Linux to finish the debug
and try to do minimal editing.

Any ideas on what is causing this or how to track it down.

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