EPIC debugger starts, but steps doesnt works

rodalhaim wrote on Thu Dec 15 09:41:04 CET 2005:
I installed the latest EPIC and Eclips.
I also use PPM to install EPIC PadWalker I downloaded from EPIC site.
I manage to run perl script
when i activate the debugger it is look like it start running, but then
nothing happened : the 'step over' , 'step into' etc aren't working, nothing
comes up in the console [in regular runing I see output in the console!]
and I tried both with and without breakpoints !!
I made "Import -> External plug ins -> org.epic.debug(0.2.0) so I have the
debugger inside my eclips (that the reason debugger starts, i think :-/
what I should do to make my debugger realy start running ???

p.s. : when I switch between "perl" view to "debug" view I got an error
message : .
 I click Ok and then I get the debug mode that acts like I told above.

I will be grateful for any help!!

aroushdi wrote on Thu Dec 15 12:18:06 CET 2005:
Hi , I used the perl padwalker available at EPIC the one from ActiveState
did not work for me , suggest to deinstall padwlker with ppm . Download
the proper one from epic , follow the instructions ( i think u should unzip
in ur perl directory .
hope this will work for u .
BYW I also get the message but when i click ok every thing runs 
marcbernst wrote on Sun Jan  8 05:40:29 CET 2006:
I agree. You need the padwalker for epic (and presumably ActivePerl).

Also, I continue to get a spurious warning for each debugger 'step'. So
annoying that I have returned to ptkdb - much easier to install for active

Epic is clearly not ready for primetime. Not only was the documentation
so poor that it took me days to work through all the issues and figure out
what settings I need but it is apparently unstable from one version to the

Please at least disclaim the poor documentation and instability so people
can better choose whether to bother.  

I would be much less disappointed if I had known in advance what I was getting

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