EPIC Set Up Help

bamaguy wrote on Tue Aug 15 22:46:43 MEST 2006:
What I want is this -

I want to use my machine with windows XP, Eclipse and EPIC to use the Perl
Interpreter, Perl Debugger and Apache available on Unix box. I should be
able to test my CGI scripts on Unix box via Eclipse which is on windows.

Is it possible to do so? If yes, can anyone guide me to resources that would
be helpful. I am new to Eclipse and EPIC.
jgangemi wrote on Wed Aug 16 02:23:17 MEST 2006:
i am not sure if this is currently possible. 

there is support to connect to a remote perl debugging instance (although
i am not sure if it works), but it requires you to start the process on
the remote machine by hand.

in your case, apache is spawning the perl process, so there isn't any way
to start an interact debugging session - at least that i am aware of.

epic does support running CGIs locally, so you may be better trying to debug
directly on your desktop machine.
luelljoc wrote on Wed Aug 16 06:55:40 MEST 2006:

I don't know if this works, but it might.

bamaguy wrote on Tue Aug 22 23:39:15 MEST 2006:
Well nothing seems to work in this regard..and I really wonder how this
EPIC would be helpful if does not really provide support for remote debugging.

jploski wrote on Wed Aug 23 18:32:37 MEST 2006:
I think that people just arrange access to their scripts on the local machine
and use the CGI debug mode (the embedded web server).

Considering that there are more serious problems with the EPIC debugger
than the lack of remote support (I am referring to the performance bug with
long strings), I guess we won't get remote debugging anytime soon. Unless
you or someone else contributes a working implementation.

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