EPIC unable to launch perltidy

matt-di wrote on Mon Sep 18 14:29:20 MEST 2006:
Hello *,

after I had trouble with perltidy in stable version of EPIC, I switched
to EPIC testing 0.5.5.  But EPIC cannot launch perltidy.  The error is:

!ENTRY org.epic.perleditor 2 0 2006-09-18 14:23:31.280
!MESSAGE Perl Process stderr: Can't open perl script "perltidy": No such
file or directory

Any hints?

adymlink wrote on Mon Sep 18 14:59:22 MEST 2006:
Having never used perltidy, I'd say your current-working-directory (cwd)
is not where you think it is.

What's the OS?


matt-di wrote on Mon Sep 18 15:54:38 MEST 2006:
Sorry for placing my answer at the wrong point of the tree.  I'm new to
the sf forum :).
matt-di wrote on Mon Sep 18 15:52:43 MEST 2006:
It's Xubuntu 6.06, Eclipse is 3.2.0.  perltidy worked since last update.
 I saw that in the plugin dir there is a folder named "org.epic.perleditor_0.4.3"
and a jar archive named "org.epic.perleditor_0.5.5.jar" (also there is a
jar archive named "org.epic.perleditor_0.4.8.jar").  Does this mean anything?

Also I saw that Eclipse is giving me this error on start-up:

!ENTRY org.epic.perleditor 4 0 2006-09-18 15:47:36.839
!MESSAGE Failed to execute command line: "perl" "-I/serv/perl/lib" "perltidy"
java.io.IOException: Bad file descriptor

adymlink wrote on Mon Sep 18 16:09:00 MEST 2006:
Check.  First up I would do a few housekeeping tasks:
- First, get rid of the older versions of the E-P-I-C plugins...this means
not just the org.epic.perleditor_*.jar, but all the assoicated jars as well.
 In short, I might delete all epic stuff, then re-install 0.5.5.
- Second, once the above is done, have you Eclipse start up with the -clean
option enabled...I use Windows and Cgywin, so I have shortcuts and bash
shells with the following command line(s): [ C:\usr\bin\eclipse\ver320\eclipse\eclipse.exe
-data "c:\My Data\projects\planit" -showlocation -clean -refresh -vmargs
-Xmx512M ].  the -clean option will force Eclipse to flush all previously
cached plugins and re-scan your ./plugins and ./features directories.

Try, the above and see if your problem goes away.  At the very least you
need to cleanup the perleditor situation...

I don't believe the above will solve your problem though.  The error msg
seems to indicate that EPIC either can't find perl (the executable) or a
specific file, perltidy in this case.  From the "java.io.IOException: Bad
file descriptor" I would guess it can't find perltidy.  You should double
check that perltidy is within your ${PATH} and also with ${ECLIPSE_HOME}.


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