Error during CVS commit?

pheller10 wrote on Mon Jan 22 19:53:28 CET 2007:

  I realize this is potentially off topic, so if nobody has a suggestion,
perhaps someone could point me to a more appropriate place?

Within the EPIC perspective, I update a file (MANIFEST.SKIP) in my project,
and then right click the project, team, commit.

Enter a comment, and then proceed with the commit.

The result is:

dis: protocol error:
is not absolute

From a shell, I have

And commits work just fine.

So, I suspect that it's the extra "/dis" as shown in the error text, however
I'm uncertain as to how to get rid of that.  The repository information
in the project properties cannot be modified.

Strangely, Team->Update works just fine from within the Perl Perspective.



jploski wrote on Mon Jan 22 20:03:46 CET 2007:
Is the content of the file CVS/Root correct? If not, you can edit this file
(or these files) manually outside of Eclipse and do a "Refresh" on a project
to see if this helps. However, I'm afraid there might also be cached values
elsewhere, so a complete new checkout might be a better solution.
pheller10 wrote on Tue Jan 23 04:31:03 CET 2007:
Yes, CVS/Root was correct.

As you suggested, I resolved this via a new checkout.  Oh well, it's working.
 Hopefully it doesn't happen too often.

Man, I was formerly hesitant to use a graphical IDE.  I wish I had bent
to the bliss that is epic long ago.


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