error when installing EPIC on suse 9.2

mcalero wrote on Sat Jan 15 19:08:30 CET 2005:
Hi folks,

i am trying to install EPIC. I just followed the instructions at:

and it seemed to be fine until i got (error details):

  Unable to complete action for feature "EPIC" due to errors.
  Unable to create file "/usr/share/eclipse/plugins/org.epic.regexp_0.1.2/gnu-regexp-1.1.4.jar".
[/usr/share/eclipse/plugins/org.epic.regexp_0.1.2/gnu-regexp-1.1.4.jar (No
existe el fichero o el directorio)]

Last message '(No existe el fichero o el directorio)' means 'file or directory
doesnt exist'.

I checked the path, and it fails at /usr/share/eclipse/plugins/org.epic.regexp_0.1.2/,
which doesnt exist (there is a long list of other directories, tough).

The only message i got so far was 'you are about to install an unsigned
feature', which i accepted.

My system: Suse linux 9.2 AMD64, with eclipse 3.0-5 (included in the distro,
full eclipse installation, no other plugin installed).

Any ideas? 

Thanks so much in advance.

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