Failing to create PerlDB-Interface !!!

ttarchal wrote on Wed Jun  1 23:16:37 MEST 2005:
That is the exact message I am getting when trying to run my Perl projects
in Debug mode. Under details>>> there is a very helpful message: "null".

Then it's a launching error with this stack trace:
An internal error occurred during: "Launching".

The whole Eclipse 3.0.1 installation is copied from another computer, where
it used to work perfectly, with EPIC .10, under Windows 2000 and Perl from
Cygwin. Now I have a new machine and replicated the configuration (including
installing padwalker) except that the whole Eclipse dir was copied.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

ttarchal wrote on Wed Jun  1 23:22:52 MEST 2005:
I just did the counter-intuitive thing and set the interpreter type from
Cygwin to Standard in the EPIC configuration - and now it works.

Rather non-obvious, considering that I do have a true-blue Cygwin and no
other Perl on my machine...

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