Fatal: failed to find source perl5db.pl ...

justin_time wrote on Wed Jun 25 18:23:40 MEST 2008:
Running 0.6.24 of EPIC on Eclipse 3.2 for Linux.  Trying to just create
a simple Perl Local run config, no matter what I do I get a 'Fatal: failed
to find source perl5db.pl for epic_breakpoints.pm' when I try to run it.

Any tips?
jploski wrote on Wed Jun 25 20:05:28 MEST 2008:
Check the output of the following script (on the command line):

foreach $t(@INC) {print $t."\n";}

EPIC seeks for perl5db.pl by appending this file name to each element of
the @INC path. If it is not found, the error message you quoted is emitted.
justin_time wrote on Wed Jun 25 21:52:13 MEST 2008:
$ perl -e 'foreach $t(@INC) {print "Found perl5db.pl in $t!\n" if (-e "$t/perl5db.pl");}'
Found perl5db.pl in /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8!

Also, I thought EPIC had a patched perl5db.pl?  There's one in the plugin
directory tree.
justin_time wrote on Wed Jun 25 21:56:08 MEST 2008:
Hmmm... just found the what, but not sure of the why.

In Perl EPIC preferences, my perl executable is set to 'perl -Mstrict' -
this lets me use strict in Eclipse without enabling strict after I deploy
my apps.  If I remove the -Mstrict, the run config works.  Is there a better
way to do what I'm trying to do with strict, or is it a bug?

jploski wrote on Wed Jun 25 23:03:47 MEST 2008:
It happens because some of the internal EPIC scripts, including the one
which figures out @INC, aren't "strict", so they will produce errors instead
of the expected output. You could write a wrapper script which only enables
-Mstrict when your project's code is compiled/run and use it as the Perl
interpreter to work around that.
justin_time wrote on Thu Jun 26 15:35:57 MEST 2008:
Gotcha - thanks for the help!

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