Feature Request: configure using server perl

dekaaked wrote on Mon Jul 16 07:14:00 MEST 2007:
Client: Windows XP
Server: Dedicated Linux server

EPIC is installed on the Client
When Eclipse is started, the following message is displayed:
"To operate correctly, EPIC requires a Perl interpreter"
The Perl EPIC executable is configured in Eclipse Preferences

Instead of installing perl on the client, is it possible, with Remote System
Explorer (RSE) Remote Shell feature, to
configure EPIC to use perl on the Server?
jploski wrote on Mon Jul 16 18:36:43 MEST 2007:
See the Error Log view for details about what went wrong when running perl

It's not currently possible to use a remote Perl process. I agree that it
would be an interesting feature (coupled with access to a remote filesystem).

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