File Association

erdmannt wrote on Tue Jul 25 13:08:39 MEST 2006:
Hi all,

i would like to use the E-P-I-C Plugin for Perl Support. Everthing works
fine. Now my Question.

I want to use Files without any File Extension. The Problem is, that Eclipse
Associates these Files with the Standard Text Editor. But I want to use
the "EPIC Perl Editor". In Preferences -> Editors -> File Associations there
is no possibility to choose an association like *. to link Files with no
Extension to the EPIC Perl Editor.

Is there any Solution for my Problem.

Thanks a lot. For your help

jgangemi wrote on Tue Jul 25 13:23:56 MEST 2006:
currently this is not possible due to a limitation in the core eclipse code
- see here:
kaymcfly wrote on Tue Jul 25 14:38:23 MEST 2006:
Hi Torsten,

perhaps my way can help you... 

If you want to edit a file witout Extension try to open as 

New > File

The following dialog shows an Button called "Erweitert" in German. (Sorry
I don't know the buttons name in English. "More"?) After this you can chose
"link to file". Chose the file for "link to" and use for the name of the
link on top of dialog ""

I hope, that it is understandable. Sorry for my bad English.


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