forming POST for CGI debugging?

epu wrote on Fri Mar 30 01:24:50 MEST 2007:

I am trying to use eclipse to debug bugzilla.
I can run index.cgi ok in the debugger and inspect everything therein, but
I need to form a POST to it so that I can enter the .pm I'm making changes
What is the right way to do this?

Best regards and thanks for all the productivity features of EPIC,

epu wrote on Fri Mar 30 17:24:18 MEST 2007:
NM, I see it needs to get fed into STDIN (

Which somewhat decrypts an earlier comment made in the help forum regarding
a batch script that a user had jury-rigged.

I see in the common tab of the debug CGI mode that there is a stdin/stdout
section, and this seems to mean cloning the stdin/stdout of the cgi script
to a file, as opposed to being a piped redirect into the cgi script. It'd
be cool to support get/post input out of the box, using something like the
CGI environment variables.

Or does this all work already and I just need to find the right thing to

epu wrote on Fri Mar 30 18:37:33 MEST 2007:
Ok, I can enter a cgi script in perl local debug mode, with args set to
redirect input into the script. But now part way through the script, the
execution terminates with an error, Perl-Debugger.
The script hasn't gotten to my modifications yet (breakpoints set there).

How can I inspect what causes the interpreter to die? There's no perl stack
or anything at this point.

jploski wrote on Fri Mar 30 18:58:10 MEST 2007:
If the Perl interpreter is crashing (not unheard of under Windows), it is
probably not an issue with EPIC. If it is crashing consistently, you might
try reproducing the issue manually by replaying the contents of the debug
console (search this forum to see how to enable it) in a standalone debug
session outside of Eclipse.

Regarding your former questions about POST, it might be a good idea to debug
the scripts in CGI mode. Then you can actually submit the form from the
browser, or write a simple HTTP client using the CPAN module WWW::Mechanize.

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