GAIM, Cygwin and E-P-I-C

mobigeek wrote on Tue Sep 19 16:55:39 MEST 2006:
In order to get EPIC working properly with Cygwin, the FAQ states that you
need to add the cygwin path to your SYSTEM path.

But doing this breaks GAIM (overlapping DLL names).  The solution to fix
GAIM is to remove Cygwin from your system path.

...So...I wonder if EPIC configuration might be enhanced to accept a PATH
in its preferences akin to what the "Eclipse for Cygwin GCC" is doing:

jgangemi wrote on Tue Sep 19 17:28:45 MEST 2006:
you should really be adding the cywgin path to the SYSTEM path if you want
cygwin to work in general. 

this really seems like more of an issue for the gaim developers if they
are creating dlls that overlap w/ another project.

in any case, you are free to specify a full path to the perl executable
one the main epic preferences page.
mobigeek wrote on Tue Sep 19 21:43:45 MEST 2006:
Thanks for the point about the full path to Perl.  I thought I had done
this earlier, but apparently not.  All is now well.

The issue for Gaim is that they use the same DLLs as Cygwin...however they
use Win32 DLLs whereas Cygwin's are, obviously, Cygwin DLLs.

Arguably, the problem is Cygwin's.  I would expect that Cygwin should use
.so as an extension or something.  No one can use a "libXXX.dll" in their
application if Cygwin also has a "libXXX.dll".  Since Cygwin leverages FSS
and OSS, it is bound to clash with other s/w packages (Gaim uses GTK libs,
libpspell, libpng and others).

jgangemi wrote on Tue Sep 19 22:03:19 MEST 2006:
cool - glad everything is working now.

have you tried contacting the cygwin ppl over this? i can't imagine that
you're the only one who has sufferred from this issue.
rsliotta wrote on Wed Sep 20 13:26:32 MEST 2006:
Good Morning,

I have an extensive project that I am working with via eclipse/cygwin.

I recently worked with the development team as I had some pretty deep issues
around perl package loading.

Before you get into trouble, I would recommend the following settings in
eclipse if you are a serious developer.

First.  The "Perl executable" should read:

Second.  The "Interpreter tye" should be standard, not cygwin.  That is
going to disappear soon.

If your project requires any local libs (highly recommended), then set the
includes by right clicking on the project that has a perl nature and specify
the "Windows" path to the libs, not the cygwin.  This is important as cygwin
will translate them when you start perl.

Any program that you run will behave as if it was in the cygwin environment,
not perl.  File paths will be releative to the cygwin root.

Hope this will help.

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