getpwuid not implemented

juza1 wrote on Fri Sep  5 09:50:15 MEST 2008:
Hi to all. 
First of all I must say that I'm quite new with perl and so sorry if I make
stupid question.
Second, this is my "configuration": Windows Vista, Eclipse 3.4 Ganymede,
Perl 5.10 and Subversion
Third, this is the situation: I checked out an existing perl project and
I'm trying to make it compile from Eclipse. Some errors are caused from
not installed modules and that's ok (I install them using the perl package
manager), but actually there is an error that I don't understand. There
is this line of code:

$homedir = (getpwuid($<))[7]

and it says "The getpwuid is unimplemented".


As result, the module can't be compiled and so all other modules that use

Am I missing something?

Thanx for the help.

juza1 wrote on Fri Sep  5 13:46:42 MEST 2008:
Mmm, I found out myself. It seems that some functions are not implemented
under win32...  :(


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