go to source line from debug window

sylvain_beugin wrote on Sun Feb 25 02:32:49 CET 2007:
Here is an error from debug window 

-----------------------Script Output-----------------------
Can't call method "toto" without a package or object reference at /usr/lib/cgi-bin/toto.cgi
line 10.

It will be great to jump to toto.cgi at line 10 if we click on this line...

Is it possible... i am new to eclipse ...
It will be a great feature for saving time and look like not much complex
to parse at X line Y


jploski wrote on Sun Feb 25 12:02:18 CET 2007:
Your suggested feature is implemented in 0.5.31.
sylvain_beugin wrote on Sun Feb 25 18:15:17 CET 2007:
Nice job !!!

In the same topic ... do you know a plugin to view apache log (i looked
at ntail ...) and in the same idea, from apache log go directly on error
in source code. 
Normaly i can launch run form debug and i have what i want ... but i have
got an apache conf with many alias and EPIC web proxy server will never
match a apache2 configuration...

In fact Apache log + jump from apache log  is great for normal debugging
during navigation througth a web site 
AND EPIC CGI debugger is great for extensive debugging ... when you say
"but what my cgi script is doing ??"

Think i will jump to EPIC and eclipse for perl cgi coding soon.

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